Sunday, 30 June 2013

Newly designed buildings for use in the Arabic countries. Adobe style buildings which look good in Afghanistan. These are purly gaming peacies, they are not based on any particular buildings they are a figmant of my imagination.

A mosque type building which is on a base 300mm x 100mm

A building representing a series of shops to form a market place on a base 300mm x 100mm

A simple compound which could be found on the outskirts of a town or on it's own in a rural setting
on a base 300mm x 200mm

some simple buildings which could be used to form towns or villages, 
each building is on a base 100mm x 150mm

 This building is on a base of 300mm x 300mm and is a representaion of an Isaf forward fire base.
It could so olso be used to represent an afghan warlords base. This is a large model with the towers being 80mm high.

The buildings featured are in 20mm, however similar buildings can be made in either 15 or 28mm
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