Sunday, 30 June 2013

Newly designed buildings for use in the Arabic countries. Adobe style buildings which look good in Afghanistan. These are purly gaming peacies, they are not based on any particular buildings they are a figmant of my imagination.

A mosque type building which is on a base 300mm x 100mm

A building representing a series of shops to form a market place on a base 300mm x 100mm

A simple compound which could be found on the outskirts of a town or on it's own in a rural setting
on a base 300mm x 200mm

some simple buildings which could be used to form towns or villages, 
each building is on a base 100mm x 150mm

 This building is on a base of 300mm x 300mm and is a representaion of an Isaf forward fire base.
It could so olso be used to represent an afghan warlords base. This is a large model with the towers being 80mm high.

The buildings featured are in 20mm, however similar buildings can be made in either 15 or 28mm
E-mail for details

Saturday, 18 August 2012

WW2 Russians

My collection of WW2 Russians.

The Assault Platoon, figures by Bolt Acion.

 Machine gun support from an SG43

Just added these Russian Bren carriers to the collection, The officer is a head swap and the crews are a mix of those supplied and some from the tank riders pack. From the Bolt Action range from Warlord games

Pavalova Militia

A collection of miniatures for a club campaign of a
 very British civil war. I have called my Militia unit the Pavalova Militia after the old leather works that once stood on the end of Radley Road, Abingdon.



This thread will feature figures and vehicles for a collection in LA. USA. Most of the figures featured are from Emperess Miniatrures however there are some from Eureka miniatures and some vehicles from S&S models.

Empress miniatures Taliban bikers.

Rangers which are a mix from Empress miniatures and Eureka miniatures

Dumvee from S&S models with the UAV crew from Eureka

Taliban mortor and crew from Empress Miniatures

Taliban fighters
Taliban Support

Ramcke Brigade

Featuring figures for a collection in Pensecola, USA. The figures are by Kelly's Heros from Grubby Tanks.

Support group

 HQ Group

Sisters of the Emerald Rose

This thread will feature my Sisters of battle force.

Battle sisters squad.

The Angel Bernadete, leader of the Emerald Rose faction.

Modern Australians

This thread will feature a collection of Modern Australians, for a customer in the UK.
The figures are from Wartime miniatures as are the Bushmasters, the Jackal 2 and the Coyote are from MJ Figures, the rest are from S&S miniatures as are the artillery crew,

A Jackel 2 and a Coyote both from MJ figures

Unimags from S&S models

Next the troops to man them
 Command section

1st up, three Bushmasteres from Wartime miniatures.